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Home for Composite Specialists
Aerostructures is home to some of the most qualified composite specialists offering inspection, repairing and retrofitting of wind turbine blades. With highly qualified and globally accredited technicians at our disposal, we are next to none, providing IN-SITU repair of blades. Besides, we are also one of the leading suppliers of materials.
What services do we offer?
The services that we offer includes:
  • Wind Turbine Servicing including Inspection of rotor blades, repair of rotor blades, retrofit for rotor blades, VG Fixing, Rotor blades cleaning
  • Drone Services, including Wind blade inspection, Power line monitoring, Railway line Survey, Road & Bridge Survey, Mine Survey and Pipeline Inspection. While providing these services we use Photogrammetric, Thermal & LiDAR Technologies.
  • 360 degree blade access platform services for critical Rotor blade damages.

Our Vision Statement
Adapting latest Technological advancements to cater challenges in wind Turbine Services

Our Mission Statement
To support renewable energies in elimination of Carbon footprint making better world for tomorrow.

Our Values
  • Customer Centric
  • Technologically Driven
  • Environment friendly
  • Employee oriented

What are the USPs of our service?
  • We believe in In-situ repairs with the best technology.
  • We Invest in the welfare of our employees.
  • We Constantly invest and upgrade our Technological know-how
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