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Top Quality Wind Turbine Blade Servicing
Aerostructures is next to none in offering wind turbine services. With highly qualified, skilled and globally certified technicians repairing and maintenance service.

Our experts are impeccably trained on the latest, cutting edge technology, including the 360 degrees platform as well as the latest drone technology for inspection, repairing and retrofitting services.

What makes our Wind Turbine Blade Servicing Unique?
We provide inovative solutions in order to reduce down time of wind turbines.
Our expert team inspects, analyses and strategically frames customer focused solutions to get desired results.

We deploy best men materials and methodology to carry out IN-SITU repairs of wind turbine blades. We are proud to supply a sustainable maintenance solution to our customers through our dedication to renewable energy and this makes us one of the best names in the industry.

While carrying out your wind turbine services, we would follow rope access techniques as we believe it to be the most sustainable and unobtrusive access, which minimises environmental impact. We are fully dedicated to renewable energy, and we supply fully sustainable maintenance solutions to our clients.

What Does Wind Turbine Blade Servicing Include?
At Aerostructures, we are capable of offering a wide range of services. Some of them are listed below.
  • Inspection of rotor blades
  • Repair of rotor blades
  • Retrofit for rotor blades
  • VG Fixing
  • Rotor blades cleaning
What does our Rotor Blade Inspection include?
At Aerostructures, our inspections of Rotor Blade includes:
Diagnosis of Internal Defects including
  • Including inspection of internal structure of rotor blades using a specialised camera
  • THERMOGRAPHY using Drone Technology
Diagnosis of External Defects including
  • Optical Imaging using Drone Technology
  • Optical Imaging using Spotting Scopes
IN-SITU Repair of Rotor Blade including repair of
  • Both internal and external constructional damages
  • Aero foil Damages
  • Lightning Damages
  • Cosmetic Damages
Cleaning of Rotor Blade & Tower including
  • Using Man-Basket (Blade Length less than 40m)
  • Using Rope Access (Blade Length greater than 40m)
Replacement of Rotor Blade
  • We specialise in Single Blade Replacement of Rotor Blades
Besides, we also offer 360 degree blade access platform services, which is available with pre booking only.
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