Modern Drone Technology for Surveys, Monitoring and Inspections
Making use of Photogrammetric, Thermal and LiDAR Technologies, Aerostructures brings you state-of-the-art drone technology to meet your inspection, surveys and monitoring requirements. The UAV solution that we offer can be easily operated and maintained. Since we are a technologically driven, customer-centric company, you can rest assured that our solution will make your job convenient.

From detecting aero foil damages, coating damages and lighting strikes in wind blades to instant report generation, this all-in-one package will perfectly suit your asset upkeep requirements.

What Can Our Drone Technology Accomplish?
Our drone technology is versatile and can be used for various projects that include:
  • Wind blade inspections
  • Power line monitoring
  • Railway line survey
  • Road and bridge survey
  • Mine survey
  • Real time monitoring of project
  • Pipeline inspections, etc.

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